Common sense

A conflict should always be resolved immediately, or it can turn into something larger than what it actually is. If you are unsure about a co-worker, or family members intention, ask them what they mean instead of letting a misunderstanding turn into an unnecessary conflict. The bigger the conflict, the harder it is to see the other person’s view of the situation. Do not feed your inner monster and let your ego and your fears be in charge. It can make you emotional disabled and drain you of all your energy. Be smart, be brave and solve all conflicts immediately instead. //Marianne


8 responses to “Common sense

  1. Muy buen consejo, he pasado por eso, y no lo he solucionado en el instante, al final te tiras días y días sintiéndote muy mal y dándole vueltas a la cabeza, cuando los solucionas, te das cuenta que lo pasastes mal para nada, besos y gracias

    • Los conflictos son siempre difíciles, nos hace tristes, enojados y decepcionados a menudo. Para reducir al mínimo el daño que uno siempre debe tratar de resolver de inmediato. A veces tenemos que caminar solo lejos de un conflicto, y se niegan a ser arrastrados a otra persona lío. Puede ser difícil, pero que a veces es la única solución. Buena suerte! = Conflicts are always difficult; it makes us sad, angry and often disappointed. To minimize the damage one should always try and solve it immediately. Sometimes we need to just walk away from a conflict, and refuse to be dragged into someone else’s mess. It can be difficult but that is sometimes the only solution. Good luck!

  2. psychospiritualfun

    🙂 Another lesson that I need to learn.

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