We face situations on a daily basis that affect our feelings and thoughts. How you see reality and how you interpret what happens is more important than the situation itself. Our attitude affects how we behave. The latest research has shown that an optimist lives approximately 7 ½ years longer than a pessimist. Good news for all pessimists, you can actually change how you think – starting today. Attitude is everything. // Marianne


8 responses to “Attitude

  1. As I said in my last comment I have nominated you for the Leibster Blog Award . This connection should help you understand what u have to do as htere are a few rules. Congrats as u deserve it with all the help you are offering people. Leanne I said

  2. I like this optimistic news about attitude. How can I not follow a blissful blog?!! 🙂

  3. It’s true, and they say a successful business is built on confidence, so the power of positive thinking should never be underestimated. I think it’s something Americans do very well, we can all learn from their self-belief (even if half of them don’t really believe it!)

    • Positive thinking can literally move mountains, :). Unfortunately it has a bit of a bad reputation in Europe but that is only because people confuse it with not being able to say no or questioning a decision. That has nothing to do with positive thinking. I think we can learn a lot from the Americans, and they from us, :).

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