What feelings might have power over you and therefore hinder you in life, instead of helping you? //Marianne


8 responses to “Feelings

  1. free penny press

    Truth..I have twinges of guilt about reclaiming my power from another..It doesn’t hinder so much as make me feel odd.I know it’s the right thing so I keep moving forward!

  2. Hmm.. sometimes I think it’s feelings of self-pity? It’s easier to feel sorry for oneself than to get up and do something?

  3. I am constantly second-guessing myself… confidence in the decisions I make lasts so little… specially when the results backfire, though a little voice inside my head reminds me that i did what i had to do, there’s always a BIG voice shouting WROOOOONGGGG! hate it

    • The next time it happens, say STOP and then ask yourself: is this really true, did I do the wrong thing? You might get surprised by your answer. The little voice is probably your intuition talking to you, and you should trust it.

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