Best Friends

It is hard to live with someone who constantly complains about everyone and everything, especially when it is true of oneself. As you spend 24 hours a day with yourself, day in day out, you might as well make your life as pleasant as possible. Which ‘feel good’ activity are you going to do today to make your life even better? //Marianne


15 responses to “Best Friends

  1. I am going to go into the hall closet, get out the vacuum and make a quick sweep of a few rooms (not all of them). I have been complaining that it is just too hot to do much cleaning. And although I am right about that, my husband is complaining about my complaining.

    So my sweeping will stop his complaining and get the house a bit in shape. And that will make me feel good. 🙂

  2. I just rolled the first of three coats of white paint on two MDF plywood panels. (two feet by four feet, and two feet by three feet) When finished, I will be happily drawing foliage from my friends’ back courtyard, then everyone is going to help with the “I Can Do This’ painting that should be finished by the end of the day. I bought lots of happy colors, and the end result should be a fun one. The best part is that anyone who drops by will be givien their chance to paint (or we will smile and demand that they paint!) so that years later when my friends look at their painting, they will recall the sunny day and the memories that are associated with their unique artwork! This is my way of saying thank you for their hospitality! Z

  3. I have some friends from Japan in town. They requested my pizzas made in the brick oven. I am preparing for tomorrow, food, drinks and the garden. We will have a nice sunday in my Italian garden with Italian food.

  4. beautiful… well now my day is over and i’ve done many beautiful things… right now I can write down a question before bed and hope for an answer through my dreams! Thank you for being you!

  5. Funny you should ask…I got caught up on some of my favourite blogs 😉

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