Pop up

Most of our best ideas come at the strangest times and not usually at the office. These ideas pop up quickly and disappear just as quickly. Keep a small notebook handy so you can jot them down at any time. Remember to put it on your bedside table at night. Set aside 1 hour a week to go through it and see what is worth developing and what could be saved for the future. //Marianne


7 responses to “Pop up

  1. True indeed, most of the best ideas doesn’t come while at office. Maybe because we all are too focused and concerned on the works and not just letting our mind to relax and find it’s way… 🙂

  2. A mis 41 años la memoria me falla bastante, jaajajajaja, así que esto si que lo hago desde hace bastante tiempo, y la verdad que me va muy bien, muy buena recomendación, muchos besos Marianne

  3. Marianne, I often call my home number and leave a message to myself to remind me of an idea, or to do something and when I come home I put that idea or thing to do in the right perspective.

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