What could happen?

What is the worst thing that could ever happen? And when the worst has happened, what is the worst thing that could happen after that? //Marianne


8 responses to “What could happen?

  1. If we reflect upon that we will soon notice that all our little worries are not the “worst things” that could happen. Unfortunately, many people spend a lot of time expecting the worst for no reason.

  2. One of my greatest challenges is when I hear someone express their fears over things that most likely won’t happen. I remind them if they worry about something, and it happens, then they’ve lived through it twice. If they worry about it, and it doesn’t happen, they’ve worried for nothing!
    When I face problems, I try to remind myself that in a day or a week it won’t matter any more, so why let it have power of frustration over the quality of one’s day!

  3. to lose my children-THAT would be the absolute worse, nothing before or after that, the rest is trivial, everything else holds a lesson to be learned…

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