Daily positive feedback

When did you last compliment yourself? What had happened? Do you have to do something really big and important before you say something nice to yourself or could you do it for everyday things?

Today I would like to say a big thank you to Vickie for nominating me for the One Lovely Blog Award, http://vickieszumigalaphoto.wordpress.com/. My thanks are long overdue, but it doesn’t make me any less grateful. It makes me very happy! I would also like to say thank you for all the encouragement I receive from you on a daily basis, your kindness makes me speechless! The world is full of amazing blogs, and your blog is one of them. I would like to nominate each one of YOU the One Lovely Blog Award.  Thank you for all the inspiration you give me! //Marianne


13 responses to “Daily positive feedback

  1. Congratulations, well done.

  2. Congratulations – enjoy it!

  3. Congrats, you deserve it as you share your knowledge each day.

  4. free penny press

    Congrats on the award and for hosting a blog that is uplifting, inspirational and just down right enjoyable!!!

    • Lynne, thank you so much! I really appreciate all the positive feedback you are giving me, just not today but regularly. Thanks again, :). Have a nice day!

  5. you are very deserving of all of the awards; you touch many people on a daily basis in a very positive style! congrats! z

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