Golden Moments

It is important to discover ‘golden moments’ on a day-to-day basis, and do it every day. This is a way of training the brain to focus on positive things. Make a habit of before going to bed, take about 15 minutes to think about something positive that has happened during the day. Write it down in a journal, and read your entries once a month to see your progress. Be open minded and search your ‘golden moments’ in the same way a detective search for clues in an important case. It makes the  exercise even more fun. //Marianne


12 responses to “Golden Moments

  1. Great Tips for every individual !
    Thanks !

  2. This is an easy task; I’m heading to town and will buy a golden-moments notebook! Thanks! Z

    • Lisa, this makes me happy and I’m sure you will fill it with amazing golden-moments very quickly, :).

      • I first visited with my friends at a corner market where I buy the queso fresco. I check to see what’s in stock before moving on and buying other products. They are my first stop and last stop in town. Next one of the vegetable ladies shrugged her shoulders and wordlessly asked, ‘where have you been?’ as she motioned for me to sit beside her on the doorstep. with affection, she stroked my shoulder and hair as we discussed yesterday’s independence day. she asked if i would share a cervesa with her, so we pooled our money and her husband left to buy us a beer.
        about six stops later, i purchased the notebook after comparing four or five options. on the way home i paid for 120 pieces of bamboo to finish a fence then visited with the young children. one little boy proudly pronounced his name, ‘AN-hell.’ (angel)… a moto-taxi transported the bamboo and me home, and then he helped unload it.
        my biggest problem tonight will be which golden moment to record in the book!

      • What an amazing day you’ve had, you describe it so vividly that it feels like I’m there as well. I love it!!! Record all your golden moments in your book! 🙂

  3. Excellent point…I have done this for years…several years ago I bought a 10 year journal while in Japan and I write 3 lines in it daily…I love it.

    Be encouraged!

    • Stephen, a 10 year journal – I am very impressed. It’s such a simple, yet an effective tool and I use it myself every day. I am also a bit envious that you have been to Japan, I would love to go there :).

      • They had to pry my hands off the door to the my hotel room and drag me kicking and screaming down the hall to to the elevator for the ride to the airport on the day we left. I loved it there. I had already told Susie to sell the house, pack up the four-legged family members, and fly everyone over because I wouldn’t be coming home.

        Unfortunately cooler heads prevailed, but each time I am there I want to stay.

        Be encouraged!

      • I’ve always had a sneaky feeling it would be same for me, :). It’s such a fascinating country, and my dream is to one day visit the cherry blossom festival… One day…

  4. Love the post, love the comments, especially Zeebra Designs and love the photos.

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