Deep Breathing

We get more oxygen by breathing through our stomachs; which in turn reduce stress levels. Breathing through your stomach is an effective way to oxygenate blood and activate the lymph system. Breathe deeply by letting your stomach out when you breathe in, and pulling it in when you breathe out. Your mouth should be closed when you breathe in, and slightly open when you breathe out. When we breathe correctly our lungs are filled from the bottom up and this is essential for our health. Begin every day by breathing deeply 10 times, because these will kick-start your whole body. Make it a habit to take 10 deep breaths before breakfast, lunch, in the afternoon and before dinner. It only takes a couple of minutes each time, and the reward is amazing because it reduces our stress levels, make us more focused and improve our sleep. //Marianne


6 responses to “Deep Breathing

  1. It’s funny how often something like this makes me aware that I hold my breath often throughout the day… thanks for the reminder! xx

  2. Thanks for sharing!! Also, just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Reader Appreciation Award! Congrats πŸ™‚

  3. Nice post , I will do it

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