What makes you tired?

There is nothing that makes us as tired as doing things that we really don’t like doing. What are you doing that you don’t like and what can you do about it? //Marianne


16 responses to “What makes you tired?

  1. doing things that someone else should have done

  2. Housework…it’s just a physical and emotional drain for me, the physical part is obvious, but the emotional drain comes from being fully aware of the importance of the task and still dreading it…what am I doing about it? Well, for starters I feel my children are now at an age when they can start pitching in, so I’m putting up a chart and keeping track of their help for which they will be rewarded at Christmas, then I’m making myself be a good role model and putting everything I use in its place and finally I’m accepting help from any kind soul that offers now that I’m going back to work and my children’s schedules won’t always coincide with mine which I hope will avoid added chaos and stress…whew!

    • It’s a good idea to let your children help you, and most kids like being responsible for different tasks at home even if they complain in the beginning, :). I used to dread housework as well but one day I realised how lucky I am to even have a home. When I changed my attitude, everything changed and now a days I look at it differently, :).

  3. This is so true! If we do things we like we can work 12-14 hours without getting tired … this is why I made my hobby my profession.

  4. Listening to a non-stop talker exhausts me; it’s as if they suck the energy from me. I am learning how to dodge people like that, or at least how to short circuit their chatterings. Z

    • Lisa, I feel the same and since I am a polite person it took me a long time before I learnt to dodge them as well. Or ask them to talk less, and listen more to other people, :).

  5. Marianne, I’m BAAAAAACK (from vacation). What I’ve learned from your Aug. 12-16 posts is that I need to breathe deeply to kick-start my body and that it’s best to close my mouth when I inhale. One of my 3 obstacles in life, though, is that I’m a mouth-breather, and I’d REALLY have to enjoy change to do without oxygen. I’ll just have to set aside 10 minutes for non-breathing to get going with my life strategy. I might have to make an appointment with myself to RESUME breathing or I’ll get REALLY tired of what I don’t want to do, which is constantly having to kick-start my body because I’ve passed out.

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