Be generous

Positive feedback for you and others is really important. We grow and develop as people when we get positive feedback after having done something well. I am convinced that everyone does something they can be proud of everyday. There is however a person who we forget to give positive feedback to. We would rather complain about the boss, rightly or wrongly. When did you last say something nice to him/her? //Marianne


8 responses to “Be generous

  1. You are right; and this reminds me of the phrase, ‘It’s lonely at the top.” Although I don’t have a boss, I do have professionals – like doctors and attorneys – who only see us when we have problems! Thanks for reminding us to be kind! Z

  2. This was a great reminder – thanks! I think it’s also good to give ourselves a nice pat on the back – so often we don’t extend kindness to ourselves that we give to others.

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