Changing a negative state

By deliberately trying to solve a difficult maths problem or by trying to remember the names of your friends in infant school you can change negative feelings. If you want to help someone change a negative train of thought, ask questions that require them to think. What colour eyes do your boss have? or Tell me 3 things that happened in 1995. This is also a great exercise for people who are afraid of flying. It is hard to be afraid at the same time as you try and solve a difficult maths problem. By the way, can you tell me 3 things that happened in 1995? // Marianne


16 responses to “Changing a negative state

  1. omg Marianne i really don’t remember what happened in 1995..nothing is comeing to my mind yikes

  2. Sweden, Finland and Austria joined the EU. The Schengen-Agreement went into effect. Yitzhak Rabin was assassinated.

  3. !. Moved to Richmond, Surrey, UK. November 2, 1995.
    !!. Met three of my closest and best (to this day) girlfriends/spouses/families.
    !!!. Began travels to all parts of Europe, Middle East, Asia.
    Thank you for asking, M…brought back so many fond [positive] memories!!

  4. 1995 was a difficult year for me, yet there were also great moments – the best of times and the worst of times. Sometimes the more difficult times are branded stronger into our memories, so I can remember a lot about that year!
    Great pointers about finding a way to short circuit a negative state. I wonder if that would work during a robbery?! (Excuse me, sir, but could you put down that gun and add this column of numbers, please?) Who knows, it might just work!

    • Lisa, you are so funny! 🙂 Even if it might help during a robbery, I don’t want you to try… We have a tendency to focus more on bad things that happens to us which is not always healthy. We shouldn’t forget what has shaped us but it’s important to have a balance between the good and the bad memories. It’s also possible to change the perception of what has happened. If we were in the same country I could help you, but not via Internet…

  5. Hi Marianna !

    1. New Job 03.1995
    2. Trip to Paris 09.1995
    3. Trip to London 10.1995
    4. . . .

    Greetz from Germany – lichtbildwerfer

  6. 1995… wow. I was in 8th grade which in itself is a monumental year! OJ Simpson was acquitted, we were in Iraq, there was Serin gas in Tokyo… so just three things? The ones that really affected me were:
    1. Colin Ferguson was convicted of the LIRR shootings (which was big for me… I’m from a neighboring town)
    2. I held hands with a boy for the first time at the rollerblading rink which may not seem important to anyone, but to me it was a BIG deal.
    3, The Oklahoma City bombings which, for a young teenager, were terrifying. It was the end of innocence in a way.

    • Two very bad things, and one about love. It makes me happy that you still remember the first time you hold a boy’s hand. Memories like that are worth a lot. I still remember my first love, we were both 5 years old. It was extremely innocent but it always make me smile when I think about it, :).

  7. Cleveland Indians in World Series which I remember only because, I thought if, the Indians could do it so could the Cubs. Someday. Mickey Mantle died. Jerry Garcia died. We got a great cat who gave us many great years until joining Jerry & Mickey in 2012. Take the last 2 numbers, 95, and reverse them, I can tell you Bobby Darin had the great tune, Mack The Knife on the charts, add a year to 59, and Chubby Checker put the Twist at the top of the music charts.

    My son tells me, dinosaurs who can talk, just kind of incoherently ramble on, and on….

    Now, I’m second guessing myself, and going to search it out.

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