Record of Success

At the end of every day answer the following questions:
What am I grateful for today?
What have I learnt today?
Which fantastic new ideas have I had today?
Start every morning by going through yesterday´s answers and act upon them. In order to reach success it is important that you act as opposed to reflecting and dreaming. //Marianne


6 responses to “Record of Success

  1. It is difficult to find something to be grateful for everyday. I sometimes find that I recycle the same old list. It is sometimes better to stick tone list instead of trying to find new things everyday.

    I am a newbie. Please follow my blog :

    • It’s ok to recycle things to be grateful for. Having a home, being able to eat 3 times a day etc. Practice make perfect, and with training it will soon be easy for you to find 3 things to be grateful for. But it is also ok if you use Sundays to write down a number of things that you are grateful for. Things that has happend in the past week. Welcome to Worldpress! 🙂

  2. Grateful for – being able to get out of bed
    What have i learnt – there is only one cure for stress and that is chocolate, okay i already knew that 🙂 – getting busy blocks out stress
    Fantastic new idea – writing a to-do list with only 3 things on it works (every day)

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