Do I have to?

Before you start doing a task, ask yourself, ‘Do I really need to do it?’ What would happen if I didn’t do it? Test this for a week and see what happens. You might find out that you do a lot of unnecessary work both at home and at work. Afterwards, make the necessary changes to make your life even better. //Marianne


6 responses to “Do I have to?

  1. Whenever I told my son “You have to …” he would reply: “No one HAS to, Mama!” Nowadays I myself rather say “I want to” instead of “I have to”.

  2. At times I wished I could delegate to a lot of people and take it all off of me, so I can go to the seaside all day long.

    • Going to the seaside all day long sounds wonderful, can I come? 🙂 Is it possible for you to delegate smaller tasks and every now and again take a few hours off to spend at the seaside?

  3. Come on over, I will take you to some breathtaking seaside views. I was born on the Adriatic sea in Italy and lived around seas all my life. I love the energy and the salty air of a seaside.
    Sure it is possible to delegate the small stuff, it is only matter of finding the right person.

  4. Valentina, I’ve the same problem with finding the right person, I’m always on the lookout for someone who can help me. I’m planning to go to the States and Canada next year. A bit of work, and bit of holiday. I’m also going to Italy next year, so I might see you there first, :). On your next trip to Europe you should come to Stockholm, also called Venice of the North… By the way, our foreign minister is married to an Italian woman, Anna-Maria Corazza Bildt. She’s brilliant, and one of Sweden’s representatives in Brussels. She’s is passionate about Europe, peace, entrepreneurship, women and food. They met in the 90’s during the Balkan war when they both worked there. She looks very Swedish, just like you do, :).

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