Life experience

“Do not cry because it is over, smile because it happened”, Dr Seuss. //Marianne


16 responses to “Life experience

  1. i always enjoy the images that you pair with your words of wisdom. of course the dr. suess quote is so true! thanks! z

    • Lisa, I’ve worked very long hours the past week but now I am back and I am about to check out your blog in a minute. I hope you’ve had a great week so far, 🙂 All my photos is taken by my Iphone, but the quality is not always what I wish it to be. I would love to buy a really good camera but my brother has talked me out of it. He knows me very well and he knows that it will make me “crazy” to carry around a big camera (he has himself a fantastic camera). He is going to help me buying a smaller camera, not as good as his but better than my Iphone, :). This is one of my favorite quotes…

      • hey
        i’ve been in transit this week and am about to be home again. i have a long queue of reading for this weekend! i’ve missed your morning wisdom.
        the last camera of mine has been a true work burro, and it’s recently rolled over and refuses to work. until now it has taken a zillion images and has had a tough life hanging with me. it’s a panasonic lumix, is small, has a great leica lens that doesn’t distort (images of paintings remain rectangular!) — i will send you that info when i get home. there are good lumix cameras and there are horrid ones. ( i’ve had both!) more soon, z

      • Lisa, I always love your photos – the colours are amazing, and they look so professional. Thank you in advance for the information, :). I’ve showed some of my friends your blog, they love art and they have fallen in love with your wonderful paintings. But they don’t like blogs, they believe that bloggers live in a fantasy world and that includes me, :). They even refuse to use Internet outside of work… But I still love them… :).

      • hey! i understand how your friends dodge the blogging world! it takes all kinds, and some of us love sharing and absorbing more than others! they surely have their own gifts as well! it’s a matter of what one chooses to do with free time, as when i blog, i neglect my novel reading (obsessions) or creative cooking or gardening. but i don’t feel bad about neglecting the blog so that i can kayak the river or spend a few hours in the kitchen! for sure, i have an equally-full life when i select the ‘shut down’ prompt on the computer!


      • All my friends are amazing, and like you say we are all different – thankfully, :). For some reason some of them refuse to embrace the new technique, and I think one reason is that they don’t understand blogging for example. That is ok, but it’s unfortunate to say no just because you don’t understand something. Sometimes I think it’s a reversed snobbery “I’m superior to you because I write letters etc”. My friends are not like that, not at all – they are wonderful. But I quite often meet people who takes great joy in being different. And by knowingly waive some of the modern technology is a way of being different in todays society, :). At least in the developing countries…

      • I had an instant dislike to Facebook, so I can understand how some people are hesitant about blogging; i also have a dislike for telephones and televisions, though there are times that I really appreciate both.
        If the words, ‘blog and blogging’ could be replaced by a more pleasant-sounding word, more people might embrace this form of communication! 😀

      • I’ve a complicated relationship with my TV – I want to throw it out but… :). In Sweden we’ve a lot of “negative” blogs, meaning they trash other people etc and they are extremely popular. I can’t stand any form of bullying, maybe people think all the blogs are the same :(.

  2. This quote has been a bog part of my life in the last 4 years or so.
    Nice picture to go with it.

  3. free penny press

    I love that quote and your picture is so pretty!!

  4. Hei marianne!

    Takk for besöket! I love this qoute an dI like your blog. I look forward to following yours.

    Have a great weekend.
    Greetings from the north of Norfolk, UK

    • Dina, I’m so glad I found your blog. I always like to get to know my “neighbours” a bit better, :). I’ve also lived in Germany and England so I’m looking forward to follow your blog. Have a nice Sunday! //Marianne

  5. Lovely photo and true comment and good teaching

    • Leanne, thank you – one of my favourite quotes even though it’s sometimes difficult to integrate it into my life, :). But part of life is about growing as a human being…

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