Why are you repeating what you are not very good at? Isn’t it better to focus on what you are good at? The majority of people make the mistake of the first question over and over again. To improve your life it is important to shift to the second question. Why not start today! //Marianne


4 responses to “Repetition

  1. Marianne, what I learned from your Aug. 25 – 31 posts is that I can change a negative state of mind if I recall 3 things from 1995 (except those car recalls). Also, I can be thankful for food blogs even when I can’t recall having cooked. I SHOULD start and end each day reflecting on my successes, but I need to ask, “Do I HAVE to?” (I do if I want to be a good leader.) Finally, I shouldn’t cry over spilt experience but repeat what I’m good at (which is posting every weekday at

    • John, every time you make a comment I say: this is the best one ever and this one is the best ever! I’m laughing out loud, as always. I’ve showed several friends (Swedish friends) your comments, and they think they hilarious. Thank you, my friend! Wishing you and your wife a lovely weekend, :).

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