Being honest

“We promise you that you can only be at your best when you are being entirely authentic. That means you are not trying to be anybody else. You are being true to your own character. You are being honest not just with other people, but with yourself as well. Remember, if you remain true to yourself, you cannot be false to anybody else. If you are honesty-based, you will not waste energy trying to be what you are not, or try to cover your tracks because you keep telling people different stories. In fact, only by being honesty-based can you sustain high performance. People who are not honesty-based lose the game of life, because they lose the trust of the people around them. And the moment you lose other people’s trust, you lose everything”, from the book The Little Book of Coaching by Ken Blanchard and Don Shula.
I often use the content of this text with my clients, especially when I coach CEO: s and politicians because it is their job to influence a lot of people. To me it is important to live an honesty-based life, but sometimes I fail being honest with myself. It takes a bit of discipline to live a honest life but once it is a part of you, you will never go back to be someone you are not. Living an honesty-based life sets you free, both emotionally and physical. Are there parts of your life where you are not completely honest with yourself? //Marianne


11 responses to “Being honest

  1. I sometimes think being authentic is the most difficult part of life.. especially for “pleasers” like myself.

    • Barbara, you said it yourself – it can be difficult to be authentic when we are “pleasers”, and the majority of women are raised to be pleasers. In the long run it is always better to be authentic, both for ourselves and for the people around us. We can still be caring people, even better ones when we are true to ourselves.

  2. Honesty is not only the best but, by far, the easiest policy.

    The best because, it says something for the individual character. A major trust factor from one to another.

    The easiest:
    Nothing to remember upon explanation, when necessary. No energy expenditure upon having to cover up, if called upon.

    • Dave, I totally agree with you. So why do so many people think it’s hard to live an honest life? And why do so many people find it hard to be honest with themselves? I often talk about this when I speak in public, and it worries me that people don’t seem to think it’s an important question. On the other hand, if our politicians, religious leaders, CEO:s, parents, teachers etc don’t think honesty is important – why should anyone else? There are of course many people who think it’s important but they are not the ones we see in media, :). Have a nice Sunday!

      • In answer to your question. Those in the public areas of distrust have given reason for questioning by, the general public.

        All the time spent with q&a on character and/or lack, thereof. That time is never recaptured for pursuing, beneficial, productive avenues. How much further ahead could we be, if not for that constant q&a?

        That is just one reason of many, we should not follow in the footsteps of those lacking in character regardless of stature.

  3. For sure, i have learned to be true to myself, and thankfully, i can smile about it! z

  4. I remember people telling me to “just be myself”. I never liked that answer. That was during the teen years.

    I think we often do not know just who we are especially at that age. We see others and want to be like a certain person or famous idol.

    Until we can really understand ourselves and see our strengths and weakness we may never really be honest. We may have to accept somethings about ourselves, but I think we can also change somethings too.

    • Being a teenager is not easy with lots of hormones raging in our bodies, :). If we teach our children positive self-esteem it’s probably easier for them to find their way in life. And that includes living a honest life. At the same time, we need to try different things in life, make our own mistakes and grow as human beings.

  5. Beautiful truth professed here.

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