Falling asleep

Our brain like contrasts and a good night’s sleep requires physical and mental exercise during the day. It is also important to have a relaxed attitude towards falling asleep because the more we try; the harder it is to fall asleep. It is better to do the exact opposite and try to stay awake as long as possible. That is an easy and also a reachable goal; stay awake as long as it is possible. Learn to appreciate and enjoy the comforts of your bedroom, it should be a place free of clutter and your piece of heaven. Remember that your bed is a far more important investment than your TV. //Marianne


28 responses to “Falling asleep

  1. I can always fall asleep but i cannot always stay asleep 😦

    • Waking up several times every night is a problem. It may depend on medicine, worries or that we’ve eaten spicy food, alcohol or been drinking coffee late. But most of the times it’s because we worry about something. Try and find a solutions to your concerns and your sleep will probably improve. Good luck! 🙂

      • I don’t drink coffee or alcohol but the dr’s think it is part of the Fibromyalgia. Even when i sleep i have very vivid dreams. It’s all new to me. I am trying the hot bath and winding down theory at the moment.

      • My mom has Fibromyalgia, and she has had for over 20 years. The only thing that helps her is acupuncture, and listen to relaxation tapes. I can higly recommend you to try it if you haven’t already, but be prepared to do for several months. Unfortunately many people with Fibromyaliga suffers from bad sleep which of course makes life a bit more complicated. Hot baths and winding down are great ideas. By listening to relaxation tapes once a day you learn to relax in your muscles. I only have Swedish relaxation tapes, otherwise I would have sent you one.

      • Someone else suggested music to me recently too but i haven’t tried it yet. The pills normally make me go to sleep but staying asleep and feeling like i have been to sleep when the morning arrives is another thing altogether. Meditation and body scan seems to help.

  2. Gently does it….! zzzzz

  3. If I get still for half an hour, I fall asleep – in a movie theatre, a planetarium – anywhere! At night when I go to bed, I am usually asleep within the minute! I also go almost instantly into REM sleep and sometimes think that I dream all night long! Narcolepsy? I shrug; I’ve learned to live with it! z

    • I’m like that on planes, buses and trains – every time, :). And I’m the same when it comes to falling asleep…

      • by knowing others who struggle with sleep, i am thankful that sleep comes so easily.
        i’m one day from being home again, and i have a new computer ready to unwrap and welcome to the world of the zeebra. i look forward to catching up and seeing the wordpress world on a 20″ screen instead of a mini laptop!

        buckle up, wordpress!

      • Lisa, I can’t wait to hear about your latest adventure – I’m now going to read your blog! 🙂

  4. I always fall asleep while watching TV, even during favs like NCIS. I know the beginning to each episode, very well. I don’t know how they end, and my wife won’t tell me. Thankful for reruns.

    • It’s such a classic to fall asleep in front of the TV, :). I actually like doing it but I can’t do it at the moment because the sofa is full of things that can’t be moved (don’t ask, it’s complicated…). 🙂 What a tease your wife is, not telling you how it ends, :).

  5. free penny press

    I need about 3 nights of good sleep.. I have been staying up too late reading too much.. tonight, 9pm lights out so I will feel refreshed for the weekend!!

    • I’ve the same problem, when I start reading a good book I forget about the time. Sometimes I set the alarm to remind me, but then I just turn it off and continue to read. I’ve no discipline, ever :). I hope you’ve had a good night’s sleep and feel refreshed today…

  6. We all need it for sure! When I talk with friends…just casually….or reading comments here, I see that sleep habits … ways… are really very individual. We all have a special environment etc that we want.

    I recently had several house guests and of course I prepared the beds etc in the best way I could. And of course they did sleep. But I worried about their sleep or if they would.

    I would make a very poor house guest. I am up and down all night. 😦 I don’t mind that, but others might. lol

    • You’re so right about our sleeping habits being individual. I bet you’re a fantastic host, and everybody felt very welcome into your home. If it works for you to be up and down all night, good for you. Don’t worry about others, they’re responsible for their own sleep. I can sleep anywhere, at any time except in really soft beds, :). I don’t know if you’ve been to China, but their beds are hard, really hard. At one hotel it felt like we slept on concrete. Worked for me, but the rest of the group had muscle pain for days in their entire body, 🙂

  7. Well said, Marianne. That’s one thing I preach often, the bedroom is sleeping or love, not for computers, T.V. nor paying bills.

  8. I love that line Marianne- the bed is a far more important investment that the TV! On Thursday, the socket into which our TV is plugged got damaged; as a result the whole of Fri and Sat we didn’t have TV. It got fixed on Sat evening. And you know what? Fri and Sat were more productive and fulfilling; I read more and did more work. I know this post is about sleep but the TV aspect spoke to me!

    • TV has a tendency to take over our lives, :). Imagine what we could accomplish if we turned it off for a month… It doesn’t matter that the post was about sleep, the important thing is that it helped you and your family. Your words make me smile, because things like this happens to me all the time…

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