Goal Strategy

All goals begin with a dream. By setting goals, you take control of your future and it is all about making a plan of action that will take you from your current state to a desired position. When you work with goals, it is important to work goal-oriented, which means that you first set a goal then you will find the tools and methods to reach it. Do not make the classic mistake and believe that you first have to find the resources like time, money, education etc. If you do that, there is a big chance that you will have to wait a very long time before you reach your goals. People often base their goals on previous results and if it involves a negative result, it can become an obstacle to achieving future goals. Remember that the impossible is often untried, nothing else. Goal setting can be used for everything in life, your professional life, as well as your private life. Your career, starting a family, relationships, health, self-esteem and financial prosperity are just a few areas where you can set positive and reachable goals. It is important that you set long-term goals like 5, 2 and 1 year. These are then broken down into short-term goals, ie quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily goals. It is also vital that you tie up your goals with an overall vision. Do you have a vision, and do you know what it looks like? //Marianne
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10 responses to “Goal Strategy

  1. Someone passed a quote to me once that said, ‘Sometimes you have to make a leap of faith and build your wings on the way down.’
    Another told me, ‘Your feet are firmly planted, therefore you can fly!’
    As I’ve grown older, I find that my goals have changed. Less is more, though I am glad that I’ve been a part of the ‘workaholic’ class. I can now smile at my hard-working younger friends and say, “Been there done that!’

    • “Sometimes you have to make a leap of faith and build your wings on the way down”, what a beautiful quote! Setting goals is a bit like that, you decide what you want, take a leap and then build your “wings” on your way, :). Less is usually more… When you were younger did you imagine living the life you do today? In Ecuador, sometimes in Costa Rica and having a successful career as a painter?

      • I chuckle at that question! Last night I told my young artist friend that when I was ten or eleven, I wanted to move to Argentina and raise quarter horses! (I was an equstrian and competed in speed events)…

        With each move, I get a little closer, so who knows, maybe one day I’ll end up in Argentina!

        When I was young, I always drew and painted/colored, though I was a voracious reader as well. Being outdoors trumped both, and I spent most of my waking hours roaming a huge area of farmland, woodland and lakes/rivers where we lived. My parents would awaken to find a note from me saying that I had gone to catch my horse and where i would be riding that morning!

        My childhood prepped me for my life in Latin America!

        Thanks for your genuine interest, amiga!

      • Lisa, what a wonderful childhood being able to roam around a big farm and ride horses, :). Isn’t it “funny” how you knew from early age that you wanted to move to Latin America. And one day you might move to Argentina… Do you know why you’ve been drawn to this continent ever since you were a child?

        My grandfather was an engineer and he got a top job in Argentina a few years after the war. He went first, and my grandmother, and mother were meant to follow him a few months later. But he became extremely sick in Argentina, and the doctors had to send him back to Sweden after a couple of months. He loved to travel, and he was very good at his work. Argentina was just the kind of adventure that my grandfather loved. I thought about him every single day when I was in Buenos Aires. I loved him very much, my grandmother too, :).

      • What a great story about your grandfather’s wanderlust, and for some reason life did not want him to stay there. I’m sure everywhere you looked, you were seeing the country through his eyes. Do you subscribe to Carlos’s ‘Cruz Sur’ blog? His posts are so beautiful and have a gentle tone that casts a calming spell. Through his posts, I am getting my installments of Argentina!

        We are both lucky that we have such rich childhood memories! I fell in love with Argentina when my fifth-grade class studied that country in ‘Geography.’ Those images of pastoral grasslands/pampas and the cattle and horses – they were a feast for my eyes!

        I first came to Ecuador because almost everything I bought for my house in Costa Rica was made in Ecuador! Andean rugs/wall hangings, balsa masks, pottery masks (for front-door lighting!), hammocks — all made in Ecuador! Every so often one came from Guatemala. So I traveled to Ecuador out of curiosity!

        There was one area on my first trip that I knew everything about it before we arrived.. a curve in the road, a stream running left to right.. a little bridge over the stream, a house set back to the right, and the sound a very slow drum coming from the woodlands behind the house… I told my friend what I envisioned, and he looked at me quite strange when that’s what we saw. Precognition? A hiccup in time? Funny, but I have never had the desire to go bac! To me it was like Life saying, ‘You’re on track.”

        Thanks for your curiosity, and thanks for listening!


      • Lisa, I felt emotional close to my grandfather when I was in Buenos Aires, and I want to go back to see the rest of the country as well. I remember telling the group I travelled with about it and no one understood. I was a bit disappointed and I felt like “screaming” – how can you not understand…. :). Can I find Carlos blog at your site?

        How you ended up in Ecuador is a wonderful story, and I love how “universe” sometimes nudge us in the right direction. It’s all about keeping our eyes open, and seize the opportunity when it comes. I’ve been to several places where I immediately have felt – I am home, but that is another story, :). I’ve also been to places that I recognise from “somewhere”…. Sometimes in a positive way, but sometimes I’ve just wanted to leave the place. I loved geography in school, I was like a sponge storing the information for future adventures… But I was also very lucky, I grew up in a family that travelled a lot, which was not common when my parents were young, not even when I was a kid. I am a lot like my grandfather in that sense, he caught the travelling bug when he was only 17 years old… again another story… Lisa, I love hearing about your life and your adventures… :). Have a nice day! //Marianne

  2. Goals are vital for success. You’ve got to know where you are going in order to get there!

  3. As long as you’re going forward, you’re reaching countless goals as you go…I just make it a practice not to look back, and keep going….

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