Learn to say yes

Being able to set limits is important, and this applies both at work and in private. Always saying yes to things we do not want to do is misguided benevolence. It is therefore important to learn to say no, and instead prioritize what is important to us. As well as we need to practice saying no, we also need to practice saying yes to what we really want to do. What do you choose to say yes to today? / / Marianne

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19 responses to “Learn to say yes

  1. You have so much common sense! I love reading your tips.

    • Thank you for your kind words! I’ve been working with organisations and people for many years, and I belive it’s time to reclaim our common sense. A lot of people have a tendency to make life a bit more complicated than it actually is, :).

  2. ¡Muy, muy difícil!, pero vamos progresando, besos

  3. I would say yes to anything that gained me free stuff, but on a serious note, I said yes to catching up with old friends so that made me happy.

    • I decided to get in touch with old friends as well, and I’m going to meet one on Thursday. How did it go for you, did you get in touch with your old friends?

      • I did, I shall be catching up in Nottingham in a few weeks, I now have that annoying feeling of what will it be like to get back in touch etc. I know it will be fine, but then I think what if? I hope you don’t have similar stresses and you have an awesome time.

      • Thank you, I’m planning on having an awesome time tonight, :). But I understand what you’re saying, and when I catch myself thinking the way you do I always ask myself: what’s the worst that can happen? I may become bored, I may not feel connected with my old friends anymore or I may have the time of my life… :).

      • That is a fair point, I think I worry to much sometimes but I shall try to accentuate the positives. Which is easy to do whilst enjoying your blog.

      • Thank you for your positive feedback, it always make me very happy when someone likes my blog, :). It also makes me happy if I am able to help in any way. Now I am going to see if you have a new post on your blog.

  4. I had so much to do today but what i really needed was a nap – i said yes to nap and even after only an hour i felt so much better.

  5. I remember being younger and hearing my mom talk about “limits.” Now that I’m older I totally understand what she was saying. Learning how to say no, and not accept things that step over your personal and professional boundaries.

    Thank you so much for stopping by and subscribing. Look forward to sharing more with you. Bella

    • Hi Bella, if we only had listened to our parents when we were young… :). It’s of course very important to have “healthy” professional and personal boundaries. Otherwise we may end up with a lot of problems…(:. Looking forward to following your blog. //Marianne

  6. Marianne, you have a fantastic blog. I really enjoyed this article.

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