Advice from Down Under

Matt Barrie’s five business secrets.
1. Aim for the hole, not the green.
2. Don’t spend a dollar unless you know damn sure you’re going to make at least a dollar back.
3. Focus, focus, focus.
4. Remember: no one is going to hand you success on a plate. It is up to you to make it happen.
5. If you are not going to do it now, when? When you’re 60?
Matt’s advice works equally well in your private life. Age is just a number, nothing else but the point is: how many more years are going to “waste” before you are going to fulfil your professional and private dreams? //Marianne

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18 responses to “Advice from Down Under

  1. Along the lines of – For those who think age matters..
    How old will you be in 5 years time if you don’t do it?
    How old will you be in 5 years time if you do?

  2. Re #3. Does that apply to artists and their paintings?!!! One never knows if the painting will sell, and in the three-museum show, I only sold a few paintings! The publicity was incredible, and the numbers would say not to do that again… but of course i will! z

    • Perseverance, a lot of hard work and then a bit more perseverance. It sounds boring but sadly that’s the harsh reality for many painters, writers, poets, designers etc. The same goes for many business owners. The important thing is not to give up, and you’re the only one that can decide what success means to you. Can you see how successful you’ve been with three-museum shows and a lot of positive publicity?

      • But of course, and most painters paint because it’s like breathing.. It’s not our work but our passion, so when we have leisure time, we paint! Ha! Actually, I need to offset painting by a brisk sprint/walk/sprint/walk/sprint/walk and then beach combing or exploring the woodlands.. or gardening or cooking.

        I attended an opening last night of a young brilliant artist.. post coming hopefully tonight, and it will address this issue!

        I’m presently painting a tromp l’oeil in my friend’s hostal! She no longer charges me to stay in her hostal, so now I show up with paints and said, ‘Which room do you want to do next?’

        The paint is probably dry, so I’d best get back to work – ahem, to play!


      • I’m not sure I understand everything in your comment, so I look forward to reading your post, on your blog tomorrow, :). When it comes to making money from our profession there is no difference if you’re an accountant, dentist or a painter. The basics are the same, but there are hopefully no painters who likes to drill in other people’s teeth as a hobby, :).

      • True to what any intelligent person knows, when the body waves a flag, one must listen! I ignored my health to attend/support my friend’s museum opening and now I am home with 103 temp!
        I’m going to sleep and let my body mend, sunset approaching or not!!

      • Lisa, stay in bed and take good care of yourself! Be well soon my friend! 🙂

      • I’m getting there. temp down from 39.5 to 38.5 and holding for a dozen hours!
        tomorrow i’ll surely graduate to 38.5!

      • Lisa, stay in bed! 🙂

      • i have been for several days, but getting prone makes it worse! i’ve perfected the art of sleeping while sitting!
        the fever broke during the night, hallelujah! thanks, z

      • I am glad to hear your fever has broken and that you’re feeling better. I can sleep everywhere as well, once I fell asleep in a busy chinese restaurant at lunch time. The place was full when I sat down, but not when I woke up… :). No, I don’t have narcolepsy…

  3. I am focused on the 5th comment.
    It really is never too late to begin. The sooner the better……….probably.
    And don’t be afraid to change your goals/ideas etc. Don’t get stuck.

    • I agree with you, it’s never too late and it’s also important to move towards our goals, and not just fantasizing about them. What ever you want to accomplish I am sure you will be successful.

  4. optimisticgladness

    I love that you are trying to help others with your blog. You have a lot of great topics.

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