24 hour challenge

Do not be aggressive, nasty, cruel, unkind or speak ill about yourself or about anybody else for 24 hours. Easy or difficult, you tell me. // Marianne

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27 responses to “24 hour challenge

  1. A great challenge sometimes!

  2. I am usually very patient, though yesterday when I asked the farm employee if he knew where my shovel was, he said, “Si, Lisa. En mi casa.”

    Most every time I leave, something walks away – he ‘borrows’ it until I realize it’s missing. A shovel, a hand saw, a water hose.

    Exasperated, and a bit aggressive, I said, “Dimas! I don’t mind if you use it, but PLEASE bring it back!”

    “Si, Lisa, Si, Lisa.”

    Today the shovel will return, and I will place it inside the house and not the bodega.

  3. It will be an interesting challenge with it being the weekend and me needing/wanting to rest and catch up on my favorite blogs having reality between what I want to do and what I am expected to do….deep breathing excercise and I take you up on the challenge…God help me… 🙂 read you soon Marianne

  4. I’m up for it…starting now:)

  5. I don’t do any of those things……..I just think about them…lol
    Then keep my thoughts to myself.

    • The challenge also include what we are thinking. Most of the time when we speak ill of ourselves or others, we don’t say it out loud. We are thinking it… and that is bad for you…

      • LOL ….. No, No, Marianne. Can’t change the challenge rules in middle of the game.

        I love bad thoughts!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

      • I’ve not changed the rules, but I’ve explained them badly in English and that is my fault. What is obvious in Swedish is not always obvious in English, sorry about that, :). // Marianne

      • I was teasing, Marianne. I really like your blog and get so many positive ideas. 🙂

      • I did suspect or rather hoped that you teased me, but I wasn’t entirely sure :). But it did drew my attention to an important issue. I sometimes take for granted that what works in Sweden will work in the rest of the world as well… That is wrong of me, but the question is: can I do something about it? Or do I want to do it the Swedish way? 🙂 //Marianne

  6. I’m so glad you include self in this ie don’t talk or think bad of self. Great post

  7. Hi Marianne, I finished the challenge now. I found it was easy because I’m a positive person who tries to find the good in everything/everyone. I liked the challenge, though, because sometimes it’s easy to fall back and put yourself down…

    • Congratulation to your positive attitude! It’s easy to fall back into old and negative patterns, just like you say so it’s a good idea to do this challenge a few times a year, :).

  8. It was very very easy Marianne!
    I’m really not aggresive or angry, but sometinmes we can hurt other people without any intention, but i just completed the challenge and it went pretty well…
    I’ll do it for more than 24 hours agian, like, one month to start? 🙂

    • I am so glad it was easy for you, and one month is an exellent idea. Eventually it will no longer be a challenge, it will be a part of your behaviour, :). You’re absolutely right that we sometimes hurt people without intention. When that happens it’s important that we apologize for what we’ve said or done.

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