Spotted or Striped

Choose a person that you don’t like, that irritates you or makes you angry or upset. Close your eyes and imagine them dressed in strange clothes, with rabbit’s ears, funny noses and feathers. Visualise the person being covered in checks, stripes or dots. Change their voice, height and build. Let your imagination flow. When you have seen this fictitious picture a few times you will soon notice that your attitude towards them has changed and that you would find it hard to be irritated or annoyed with the person. This method can also be used with people that have hurt you. // Marianne

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18 responses to “Spotted or Striped

  1. Hahahaha So simply awesome! 🙂

  2. I love this technique 🙂

  3. Thanks again, Marianne, for the nudge….

  4. I remember …. long time ago …. someone was chewing a few of us out. I noticed her lipstick was on crooked. Later on my friends had noticed the same thing and we laughed and just couldn’t get mad.

  5. Ha.. I love this idea.. I will have to try this 🙂

  6. Wow you hit my bullseye with this one! thank you

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