Better Day by Day

What do you want to improve today?

What do you want to improve tomorrow?

What do you want to improve next week?



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20 responses to “Better Day by Day

  1. optimum health!
    doc diagnosed asthma, and each day is a little better!

    • Wanting to improve one’s health is always a good idea, whether we’re ill or not, :). Lisa, I am glad to hear that you’re feeling better now. Have you had asthma before?

      • i’ve been cough free for 12 years, which is why this baffled me. i think the week in the city of Guayaquil (traffic/ air pollution)was a shock to my system. i have lived in the absence of pollution for most of those twelve years, and i usually get sick when i am in the city for a long time.

        long ago when i lived in mississippi and louisiana, i developed a cough every november and kept it until march. each week i would visit the pulmonary specialist (who asked had i ever been diagnosed with asthma.)
        the specialist once called me his most difficult patient. nothing helped.

        when i moved to latin america, the cough vaporized. i have been very fit with no problems. blood pressure 110/70 or lower… when i am ill, its something strange, like dengue fever or allergic reaction to msg or aspartame. at times there’s a touch of a rattle in my chest, but it never affected my performance…

        when i fly back to the states and the plane starts its descent, i start coughing. (psychosomatic?!!)

        being ill reminds me to be thankful for my good health! today i have been free of fever, but wow, am i ever still exhausted. i can tell that i’m not getting optimum oxygen.

        i continue to sit and do little but eat chocolates! (no! actually i eat very well with fresh tea infusions straight from the yard.

        how is your health? you have so many clients, you surely come in contact with lots of bugs!


      • You’re probably right about the traffic/air pollution being a shock to your system. And yes, it might be psychosomatic that you start coughing when the plan is landing in the States. But it could also be a bad reaction to the air on the plane… :).

        I once worked at a place were I used to get sick all the time. It was a very negative workplace. At the time I couldn’t connect my health with the negative atmosphere there, today I know better. I would never accept a position in a toxic workplace again, it’s not worth it. Nowadays I am seldom sick, but I got the flu the last time I was in Spain. I had worked so hard for such a long time. I was exhausted and I believe it was my body’s way of saying: slow down NOW :). A lot of people are sick at the moment in Sweden, but I’ve no intention of catching any bug… By the way, dark chocolate is good for you… Take good care of yourself! //Marianne

      • \yes, our bodies have artful ways of slowing us down! I usually stay fine tuned to my health, but this past year has been quite demanding.

        you are right: say,’no’ to toxic workplaces! z

      • Lisa, I hope you’re feeling a bit better today! And I also hope that you’re listening to your body, and do what it tells you to do. Including eating chocolate, drinking tea is a great idea as well :). I am total nerd when it comes to tea…

      • my daily tea is an infusion of fresh mint, fresh hibiscus flowers, and lemon mandarina or maracuya/passion fruit juice. it is so good, and i fear i am almost addicted to it! i just brewed a big batch that will last the next few hours. sometimes i put fresh ginger in there as well! you would love it! z

      • Lisa, you’re a “terrible” temptress! I am drooling, and I want what you are drinking…. now! 🙂

      • I am sipping a tall tall glass right now! Hibiscus tea also helps lower blood pressure, is high in iron and is great for women’s monthly woes! I wonder if I could ship you some dried flowers and leaves? Hmmm. Z

      • Lisa, you’re such wonderful human being, full of kindness and lots of humor! I’m pretty sure customs would take it, but I love your idea, :).

      • hmmm. maybe i could send it as potpourri!

  2. You have reached out to one of my weak points. This has something to do with organization, doesn’t it? That’s what I need to work on, today, tomorrow, until complete. My mind is everywhere, every day.
    Organized thoughts to get where I’m going or, I’m not going anywhere, except in a big circle, back to start.

    • Dave, you decide what you want the questions to be about, :). You’ve already identified your weak points, and you talk publicly about it, congratulation. A mind that is everywhere, every day makes it hard for you to be effective at work. The same goes for reaching your goals. Today is an excellent day for you to do one thing different from what you normally do, to break this pattern. Good luck! //Marianne

  3. I asked for help twice today and i got it too. Asking for help is something i find very difficult to do.

    • I am glad that you did ask for help even when you find it hard to do, and that you also got help :). Well done!

      • I love your little blog what you write makes me think and that is a good thing when ones mind is everywhere 🙂

      • I am so happy that you like my blog, and the purpose of the blog is to help people change their lives one day at a time. I like you blog as well, it’s wonderful. Unfortunately I don’t have much time to make a lot of comments, but I read it all the time, :).

  4. I actually just started a 40 day “abundance” plan .. each day I journal and write affirmations on the abundance we all are worthy of rcvg. I’m improving my concentration to stay focused on that. (I hope that all made sense:-)

    • I love using affirmation, and I do it most days. It’s such an easy yet simple tool. A 40 day “abundance” plan seems like wonderful idea. Lynne, it all makes sense to me except “rcvg”. I am not 100% sure what it means… :).

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