Do you belong to the group of people who likes to postpone things until tomorrow, every day? Many believe that it is a character trait, while it is really about bad habits. And bad habits can be broken, just think of all the people who have stopped smoking or lost weight. To constantly procrastinating becomes very tiresome in the long run and it also takes a lot of energy. There are many reasons why we postpone things and the three most common reasons are: we feel overwhelmed, we feel uncomfortable and we are afraid. Maybe it is a combination of all three that sometimes makes us unsure how to solve our tasks. It could also be that we think that they are tedious and difficult to execute. Instead of seeing every job as a challenge we choose to postpone it until another day. The problem is that when we continue to postpone things we should do, it can create feelings of guilt and irritation among our colleagues, friends and family. It is also likely that you will miss many opportunities in life just because you have created a bad habit. A bad habit we call procrastinate. Instead of just doing our tasks we often choose to invent yet another excuse. Here are my three favourite excuses, what are yours? I say yes when I should say no, and sometimes I say no when I should say yes. I have an “I must save the world” complex. I surf aimlessly on the net, and I usually end up at very odd websites, which I feel compelled to read. In exactly five weeks I land in Hong Kong and I cannot afford to procrastinate anymore. Instead, I need to prioritize and achieve new goals every day until I check in at Arlanda airport. I begin here and now. / / Marianne

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19 responses to “Procrastinate

  1. I prefer to do and not to pospone!

  2. Part of a disorganized mind like mine is, just deciding which task to take on next. For the moment, it is easier to ignore any tasking until, I have to add yet, another to the list.
    I have no excuses. Perhaps only knowing that, I am lazy, and it’s just easier to spend time with my computer.
    If I could discipline one behavior, right now, it would be laziness.

  3. I am lucky that I have always disciplined myself to do the tasks needed, then reward myself with the prize at the end of the days’ tasks. Long ago that prize might have been a hand-written letter that arrived in that day’s mail. Or a few hours spent with a book or a leisurely walk through the neighborhood or maybe a great chocolate bar I was saving for a comforting moment! Z

  4. I live with a ‘Johnny on the Spot’. He leaves me way behind when it comes to doing things.

    But I do a pretty thorough job when I get around to doing whatever it is that I have put off. 🙂

    • Living with a “Johnny on the Spot” can be a blessing. From personal experience I can tell you that it sometimes makes me “crazy”, all in the name of love, :).

  5. I like Gold Stars. If you want me to achieve something you need to keep giving me gold stars. The problem is i with just a cat and i do not think she will give me any gold stars 🙂

  6. Hi Marianne, thanks for the like on my post, well I think procrastinate is my middle name or it’s my blood type, it’s just this terrible part of me…the only way I’ll getvthings COMPLETELY done, from start to finish is if NOONE interrupts me AND THAT NEVER HAPPENS! So I get distracted or tend to something with my children or the phone rings and that marks the end of the important task I was doing and the completion gets postponed till God only knows when…yes, I do end up feeling tired from running around, like a failure for having a mental list full of incomplete tasks and exhasperated with myself for not having the will and selfdiscipline to get myself back and finish what I started…Procrastination is one of my most awful faults and it gets the domino effect of negativity going… Yikes!!! Read you soon, Alexandra

    • Alexandra, stop being so hard on yourself, :). Turn off the phone for an hour, put a don’t disturb sign on your door, in the kitchen, bathroom etc. Tell everybody including the kids that they’re only allowed to interfere if someone is injured or if there is a fire in the house. Make sure everybody knows how long the sign is going to be up, for example one hour. In the beginning it requires a bit of discipline and a bit of training for the entire family but in no time you’ll get the hang of it.

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