Unreasonable demands

Did you know that self-critical people suffer more from stress and pain? Write a list of all the demands you have in yourself and in others. Can you now see how unreasonable these demands are? Give yourself, and others a break every day and do a feel good activity instead. Start small, one day at the time and remember to be generous and reward your good behaviour, not the bad ones. //Marianne

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12 responses to “Unreasonable demands

  1. Great suggestion.. “Do a feel good activity” every day. I think that some people have forgotten that it’s ok to play! Z

  2. I need to work on not being so self critical. I often see others doing so much more and so much better. 😦

    • I am glad that you like my post, and that I can help you work with one of your “problems”. Are you really sure other people do things much better than you? Or much more than you? And how can you measure this? 🙂

  3. I am working on it. 🙂
    I think you have a really nice blog. I like the short and sweet of it. I get blogged down if I have to read too much. You deserve many awards. Please accept one more.


    • Meme, thank you so much for the award and your positive feedback! I am having a surreal day today, the strangest things are happening and your kind words are a welcome break away from everything, :). I am a big fan of your blog!

      Ps, I know you are trying and I know you can do it! //Marianne

  4. This is something I’ve been working on a lot lately, trying to be more down to earth with what I expect from people and from my students, I easily expect the moon but I need to get real. I’ve been bringing my class program down a notch or two because no group is equal to another and my expectations had gotten too challenging for the level and quantity of students I now have, and in lowering my expectations for them I consequently slowed down a bit which is good. Thank you Marianne, Alexandra

    • Alexandra, you always seem to find the answers within yourself and that makes me very happy! It’s obvious that you’re smart, resourceful, and a very kind person with a big heart. Happy Friday! Marianne

  5. Well, I’m learning a lot form my favorite bloggers!! wink, wink…Happy Friday to you too Marianne, big hug

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