Make sure you hold on to the image of where you are going and also know that you will get there. //Marianne





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18 responses to “Image

  1. This exercise is powerful.

  2. I don’t know what sort of image I can hold onto since I’m not quite sure about that at this stage, but I’ll sure hold onto this wonderful dragon! What do you know about him?

  3. Your post gives a calm, comforting message. Z

  4. Marianne, in celebration of my 500th post I have nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award (no obligation):

    • John, a big congratulation on your 500th post – wow! I hope you will do at least another 500, :). Thank you so much for you nomination, I feel very honored! //Marianne

  5. I hold onto the image right now with, my eyes open. Closing my eyes, I let my imagination take me to the next place. Where do I get to go from here? It isn’t all that easy, and doesn’t always work. You’ve heard the saying, ‘My mind’s drawing a blank.’ That’s when I can’t help but, get in the way of my imagination.
    The invitation is always open for my imagination as there are times it does really bring me along, in full color, and complete detail.

    • For some people it comes easy, others have to practise a bit more. Don’t worry, the more you practise the easier it will get. I know, because it was very hard for me at the beginning, :).

  6. Visualisation works for me!

  7. Thanks for stopping by and liking my site. Your blog is so inspirational. I love the concept of changing your life one day at a time.

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