Wasting time

Do not waste your time trying to change the circumstances, it is pointless. Change on the inside instead. Right or wrong, what do you think? //Marianne






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16 responses to “Wasting time

  1. Again, great words of wisdom. Someone I love is struggling at the moment and I feel if she could begin internal changes, how she views things, her sense of hope, then she would be a whole lot less sad. Thanks Leanne

    • Leanne, I know how hard it’s to stand beside a loved one who struggles with themselves. I learnt a long time ago that the best thing I can do for them is to listen, and then show them different ways to find a solution. But they have to want to do the work themselves.

  2. Absolutely, change only what one can control. We can not change other people so of course logic tells us to work on ourselves. Many try to change outside things and it is futile…

    • It’s common sense but for some reason people try again, and again to change others. Or outside things instead of themselves. I often have long discussions with clients about this, :).

  3. I used to but i think i am better at letting things be what they are.

  4. I completely agree with you Marianne . life is a mirror image of what we hold within. Certain unhealthy core beliefs will create unwanted situations in our life, We first need to identify what those beliefs are , once we are aware of them only then can we change them. The way to identify what our beliefs are is to observe the kind of situations we attract into our lives. Thank you for this post,

  5. As the doctors play hot potato with a diagnosis for this mystery cough, my biggest questions are not about changing what’s wrong but: 1. Why did this happen, and 2. How can I keep this from happening again?
    Today’s diagnosis was emphysema. I have never smoked. Well, just once – a token puff when an Indian offered me the just-rolled tobacco leaf.! Z

    • Lisa, great questions to ponder about and I hope you get an answer from the doctor very soon. The token puff can hardly be considered as smoking, :).Please keep me posted! //Marianne

  6. I think you are correct! ~Paul

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