A Positive Approach

Give yourself 30 days and see what happens if you follow this simple advice: I choose to meet every day positively. A positive approach can change your whole life. //Marianne



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10 responses to “A Positive Approach

  1. Buenos dias!
    I love awakening each day and finding your positive advice patiently awaiting my attention! I am lucky that I embrace each day with a positive attitude. Thanks for reminding me that not everyone has learned this gift!

  2. I wish you had posted about the 30 Day Positive Challenge 30 Days ago……then I would have completed it and could go back to being my regular self.
    Now I have to suffer for 30 Days and probably make my whole household Positively suffer too. lol
    You know I am teasing!!!!!!!!!!

  3. And your clients are always right!

  4. NASA used the 30 days approach by giving astronauts convex lenses to exercise their brains in seeing things in a different way. 30 days later the astronauts received regular lenses again and took another 30 days to return to see things as they had always seen them. 30 days is only what it takes to change our thoughts and our actions.

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