Time off

Did you know that fears are just thoughts, and thoughts can be released? Lets play hooky today, and take time off from our fears but also from our anger, bitterness and negative assumptions. No internal or external demands, and let us send Mr & Mrs Grumpy on a very long holiday. Lets give ourselves a well-deserved break from all the worry, and just enjoy life. At least for one day, like today. //Marianne



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17 responses to “Time off

  1. When I think of a vacation I think of physically going someplace for pleasure. I searched for
    some meanings of vacation and found it could mean: leisure time devoted to rest, a break, time off, recess, suspension of activity, to be empty, a time of respite from something, a period away from, freedom from, a holiday.

    So I will take your suggestion and think of ‘not thinking of fearful thoughts’ as a little vacation. πŸ™‚
    And I will try to extend it for more than one day.

    • Meme, I believe in you and I am sure you can do it longer than one day, :). But sometimes we need to start slow by doing it for a shorter time, and that is ok as well, :).

  2. That sounds like a great challenge, coach! Z

    • An important challenge which I am sure you’ll enjoy, :). Are you feeling better now?

      • Each day a bit better. The cough is there, but has tamed a lot. Fatigue is my biggest complaint, and I am listening to my body and resting a lot. It’s possible that lower oxygen levels are causing my fatigue.

        I will be seeing a pulmonary specialist in Quito, as I want to grab this bull by the horns and be sure of the diagnosis and how to claim another dozen years of cough-free living! Thanks.

      • Good idea to see a specialist, and I hope you will be well very soon. Lisa, take very good care of yourself! πŸ™‚

  3. Looking for my place today….

  4. Permission is always good to receive Marianne even when one is way past the point of seeking it ! thanks lol

  5. Good idea. As we said more than a couple of years, ago…..Have a groovy day!

  6. I’m game…Thanks!

    Be encouraged!

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