Finding yourself

Who do you want to be? Pick one or two favourites from the Ernest Hemingway photo and use it as a tool when you think about who you want to be. If you already know, pick one anyway and give yourself the opportunity to test if it is still true. It might have changed in the past year, months or weeks. My personal favourite at the moment is “before you quit, try”. //Marianne

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17 responses to “Finding yourself

  1. My first is :Before you quit, try”
    My second is: ” Before you spend, earn”
    My third is: “Before you act, listen”
    It’s 1:00 am here, good night to me and create a good day to those who are waking up now.

  2. For me it is #1 Before you act, listen…oh yeah definitely #1…no doubt about it…be encouraged!

  3. I think mine would be – before you act, listen

  4. Can I take one as a mantra for each day and rest on Sunday? I could use all of them! 🙂

  5. Brilliant…if only the people of today could get this sooner. More peace would exist and more harmony

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