Successful people set goals, but first they do a lot of daydreaming. Some people think it is a waste of time but ask any entrepreneur, innovator, or author and they will tell you the same thing: I did a lot of daydreaming before I started my business, invented my product or wrote my first book. All goals start with a dream and it is important to spend time in the imaginary world before anything can happen in the real world. Goals give you directions in life, but first you need to allow yourself to dream. Daydreaming is serious business, and it is essential that you give yourself plenty of time to fantasize, and letting your mind wander. It is not a waste of time. What do you daydream about?

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11 responses to “Daydreaming

  1. I used to daydream about the beautiful
    retirement home we would build. And the dream finally came true. Now about 20 years later I daydream about ……. how to move into something smaller and easier to maintain. I am downsizing my daydreaming. lol

    I agree with you about daydreaming! And the nice thing is you can still accomplish a lot of other things while daydreaming about a lot of other things. 🙂

    • Downsizing your daydreaming, very funny! Doing the dishes, cleaning, ironing, going for a walk, exercise or driving are great chores that can be done at the same time as we daydream. Or lie on the grass and watch the clouds who slowly passes by… :).

  2. This is extremely true Marianne. Daydreaming is important. You have to be able to visualize it, if you are going to make the dream into a reality. Just wanted you to know that I nominated you for an award. Please check out for the rules. I hope you accept. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. I’d like to sit there and daydream

  4. free penny press

    I love to daydream.. it gives me a mini-mental vacation and also a way to help focus on new that picture 🙂

  5. I’m really glad to know this, because I’m a day-dreamer, like all the time.
    Hope you are doing great Marianne!

    • Pablo, it makes me very happy to hear that you’re a daydreamer as well, :). All is well in Sweden, but I am actually working in Spain this week, :). I hope everything is fine with you!

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