Getting out of bed

Write down 3 good reasons why you got out of bed this morning. That it is Friday doesn’t count. Do the same exercise tomorrow, and the day after as well. On Monday morning you have 9 good reasons why you should get out of bed, and that is a good way to start any day. Whenever you feel a bit down, and you are tempted to hide under the covers rather than face life’s challenges, read your list of good reasons. //Marianne


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15 responses to “Getting out of bed

  1. I’m doing it. I really needed this today. Thank you.

  2. I truly understand the purpose of this exercise. I think bed can become a refuge or hiding place.

    As I (perhaps others) grow older my body gets stiff in sleep and I need to get up to start moving to relieve the pain. I feel lucky to have 4 hours of sleep each night. 😦

    I long for those days of turning over and sleeping til 10 AM.
    And I long for those days when I could dance til 2 AM. lol

    • Meme, it seems that you need to dance until 2am a lot more – starting today, :). I start most morning with a little dance, but I hope it never shows up at Youtube… Pain is a pain in the a… :(. Sleeping until 10am, what a luxury!

  3. So on Monday we will be prepped to turn in a “Monday Report” of positive reasons to GET OUT OF THAT BED!

  4. Bra grej hörrudu Marianne.

  5. Wonderful.
    Thank you, Ms. M.

    • Thank you for liking it! 🙂 I hope everything is well in Sussex.

      • Thank you Ms. M. for moving me to Sussex UK…given a choice…I’d be there!! Sadly, fate and circumstance moved me back to Portland OR on the Pacific coast side of the U.S. a while ago. England remains “home” to me….
        I do so look forward to your 365s…..

      • It feels like I missed a post, have I? I’ve heard so many positive things about Portland, and the Pacific coast but sometimes home is somewhere else… It makes me very happy that you like my blog. You already know that I like yours, :).

  6. Thank you so much Ms. M…..I am sooooo smiling!

  7. This is a great idea. I keep a gratitude journal every day, and recently started adding why I’m grateful for so much, not just that I am grateful; interesting how focusing your awareness on something most of us don’t think about changes its significance. Thanks for the prompt!

    • Thank you for your positive feedback, it makes me grateful! I am glad to hear that you keep a gratitude journal as it’s a great tool, :). Have a nice weekend!

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