Do I need to like the situation?

It is easy to be positive when everything is going well but it is harder when life is tough. There is a myth that says we have to like a situation in order to be positive. This is wrong! You can still be positive even in negative situations. Being positive means being open to new opportunities and always trying to do your best even in difficult situations. We can all learn to change negative situations to something that we can handle and maybe even become positive. Remember this does not mean that we deny our feelings of sorrow, disappointment or anger. In fact it means we learn how to handle them and avoid creating negative energy in our lives. Start with small everyday situations if you find it hard to turn a negative situation into a positive one. Leave the bigger situations until you feel more confident. //Marianne

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10 responses to “Do I need to like the situation?

  1. It’s all about the vibrations we emanate. Positive vibrations brings positive thoughts and viceversa. Unfortunately it is not as easy as it sounds, we must condition ourself to see the positive side in every situation.

  2. free penny press

    I really try to remain positive even when it seems it’s bluer than blue. 9 times out of 10, it turns around into a good thing. It does take mental practice though!

    • Lynne, you’re absolutely correct, it does requires mental practice. And the more you practice the easier it gets. Mental training is just like physical exercise, in the beginning we often think it’s difficult, even impossible but that’s just in the beginning, :).

  3. I’ve got a phrase (I made it up) that I repeat to myself when I need comfort and confidence in a tough situation: God gives you the best, protects you from the worst, everything in between is a lesson that had to be learned…I feel, in a way, it is a positive attitude towards hardships or at least a constructive one πŸ™‚ big hug, Alexandra

  4. Just what I wanted and needed to read today! I’m so glad you’re here:D

  5. You made a critical differentiation here…that it is not about denying the feelings but learning how to handle them. Sage advice yet again. Thanks Mariane

    • People often misunderstand positive thinking, and think you’re not allowed to be critical or feel angry etc. That is of course wrong, :). Leanne, thank you for your positive feedback.

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