7 day challenge

Learn something new every day for a week, 7 days. Be sure to write down all your new knowledge, as a way to discovery new and wonderful ways to improve your life. It is also a way to open up your creativity, and challenge your belief system. It doesn’t matter if it is small, or large things, the important thing is that you learn something new everyday. //Marianne




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2 responses to “7 day challenge

  1. This challenge is an easy one for me. I learn best by writing it all down. Sometimes I write it down twice because I forgot what I learned the first time round. 😦
    I usually hand-write in notebooks. Typing up notes in Open Office and printing isn’t quite the same.
    My problem is finding somebody to share what I have learned. lol

    • It’s ok to write down things twice, or even three times. We’re all forgetful at times, and there are many different reasons why we forget, stress is a major factor. But it could also be because we’re not interested in the subject, :). Tell people on your blog, your partner, or one of your friends. Or tell everybody in your town about it in an ad in your local paper… Meme, there are plenty of people that you can tell, maybe your problem is who you want to tell, :). Ps, hand writing is almost an forgotten art nowadays…

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