When, what and who

What makes you happy?
When are you happy?
Who makes you happy?






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10 responses to “When, what and who

  1. I have to say that finally I am happy most of the time and only mix with people who bring me more joy. If I’m worried about someone I just give it to God and know that all will be well. It’s a really great place to be in but it’s taken lots of work to get here.

  2. what makes you happy? at the end of today, i was extremely happy to see the dramatic progress for the petite little sun room being added to my house. it overlooks the river, and it will give much pleasure during the rainy season.
    it also made me happy to see the new boards with fresh white paint nailed onto the house. the workers wanted to put the boards up and then paint them, and i strongly disagreed and stood my ground and painted them. how great it was to see painted boards go up at the end of the day!

    when are you happy? i am basically happy all of the time. if something knocks my psyche into troubled mode, i can usually go to sleep and awaken with a smile in my heart. i realize that i am extremely lucky to be programmed this way.

    who makes you happy? – i smile as i ponder that answer; many many people make me happy. today the owner of the supermarket made me happy as she practiced her english. her daughter made me happy when i turned a corner in the store and found her raiding/eating something from their shelves! i think it was granola!
    later a friend saw me buying paint at the hardware store and offered to give me a ride home. i visited with the little man who sells bananas and grapefruit as i waited for my ride, and little man ‘walter’ seemed thrilled that i stayed and visited after purchasing 8 grapefruit for one dollar!
    my workers made me happy this morning when their mother sent me breakfast!!! four freshly-baked rolls, green plantain ‘hash’ and a fried egg AND a medium bottle of hot milk. the hot milk baffled me – i don’t have a taste for hot milk, and i did not have instant coffee to make cafe con leche.

    every day brings new happy moments. my cup runneth over!


    • Lisa, our lives are very different and we live in different parts of the world but our attitude to life seems to be the same. Some of it is our genes but most of it is our ability to see the beauty in life. It’s also important to appreciate small things, like a nice cup of coffe which we both do. Even when my life is tough, and it has been tough the last two years I am happy. Some people call me a naive idiot (it happens all the time) but long ago I made a conscious decision to accept life as it is. Then it’s up to me to deal with it, and I can either welcome every challenge, or feel sorry for myself and be a victim. It’s a choice, :). Wishing you a wonderful Saturday in Ecuador! //Marianne

  3. Singing and designing makes me happy.
    I am happy when I get to help people or create something.
    All the people who love me make me so much happy… My friends and family and even the people who don’t know me but who inspire me…

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