Time and money

If you had all the money and all the time you needed, and could do anything knowing that you would succeed, what would you do? //Marianne







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33 responses to “Time and money

  1. I’m going to be really boring and say mostly what I already do today. There are not many things I would like to change, just some small details like speeding up the house renovation and outsource some of the cleaning (hey it’s not really that fun…) Otherwise I have just about what I want in life: A wonderful family, big and noisy and full of love. Plus lots of creative projects that keeps me in a great mood.

    • It’s wonderful to hear that you’ve the life that you want to have. Keep doing what is working for you, and for your family, :). //Marianne

      • intecoolochoberord

        Thank you! I think I need to at that there has been a few times when I needed to change everything in order just to keep it together… I think mostly happiness is about finding peace with yourself, and we do that in many different and personal ways. Time and money are factors (for me time is more valuable than money) but as long as you are above some critical point with both I don’t think it’s as important any more. Maybe I’m strange, or just boring. But I found a way to follow my heart and there is not much I want to change at this point in life. Perhaps I find new and different dreams in the future.

      • You’re not strange or boring – you are lucky that you’ve found your path. And you’ve probably put a lot of effort into doing finding your path. Time is hard currency now a days for most people in the Western world, :).

  2. I am writing a book, win or lose

  3. free penny press

    If I had all the money and time, no doubt I would serve in Africa in anay capacity I was needed (women’s empowerment, children, health, etc). Educated women in Africa will be the ones to support and evolve that nation.

    • You would be a fantastic asset! Is it possible for you to travel to Africa for a few months maybe next year, or the year after? There are plenty of organisations to work for, or you could start your own organisation.

  4. i often ask people who are stuck in a rut, ‘if you won the lottery, what would you do to keep from being worthless?’ your post reflects that same question!

    my art would still come first, but i would also explore how to produce and market some healthy food and drink alternatives – compared to what we find (or don’t find) in the stores. why is there so much sugar in juices that don’t need sugar?!!!

    i would also like to explore garden art/sculptures, especially in concrete.. so many loves and so little time in each day!!! i need six or more lives!

    thanks for prompting us to dream!


    • I would take a year off, and live in the countryside for awhile. Maybe on vineyard, I wonder if that’s possible? And I would probably go mad after a week, :). I like what you would do… And I totally agree on needing more lives, :).

      • you would probably adapt well to a vineyard! you would apply your talents no matter where you are or what your choices are, and you’d be mentoring the workers or the cook in the kitchen and touching lives with your kind heart each day! you could always make grapevine wreaths or twig furniture!!!


      • Lisa, if we lived in the same place I would visit you all the time. You’re such positive person full of wisdom. And your joy for life is contagious, :). Your comment describes me very well, and I long for working with my hands for a while. I need it… My brain needs a rest, and the time has come for me to find a better balance in my life. Thank you my friend for your wonderful, and kind words! Have a great day! 🙂

      • Amiga! If you lived closer, it would be great to toss a watermelon in your direction while looking at the street vendor’s vegetable stand or nudge you into a canoe ride down the river. connecting with the primal side of nature does wonders as well, when all signs of modern man are removed.

        you are wise to realize that you need a balance – that surprises me that you’ don’t have that already. i highly recommend taking a few hours each week and delving into a right-brain activity… it’s almost like taking a nap. hey, it’s also nice to benefit from those natural endorphins that the brain starts pumping out!\

        you’ve also had some personal disappointments, and that can weigh heavy on the spirit. in our minds we move beyond, but the wounds leave scars that remain with us. again, working with one’s hands always helps, no matter if it’s chopping onions in the kitchen or pulling weeds or weaving a lovely grapevine tiara to be queen for the day! (or better yet, present that tiara to a stranger!)

        you’ll find your balance, even if it takes remote assistance from a country across the pond!

      • Normally I do have a good balance, but due to circumstances that is beyond my control I’ve had to work non-stop for a very long time, and it’s beginning to take its toll. That’s why I am going to work abroad for a while, where the tempo is not as high as in Sweden. It’ll also be harder to reach me, :). I might not be able to work so much with my hands this time, but I am sure I’ll get other opportunities. And who knows, I might end up at vineyard anyway. At least a couple of days… Lisa, thanks for your positive words! :). Ps, I want to paint again as well, but I am not sure it’s possible…

      • you’re following those internal nudgings that frizztext and i were discussing a few days ago. wise is the woman who listens to those stirrings. you’re setting an example or many!

        i predict you’ll paint again!!!


      • Lisa, thank you but I also fail from time to time, :). First I wrote a long answer, but I think I am going to make a post about it instead…. But the short version is; it’s ok to fail and hopefully we learn from it, :).

      • for sure, failures are our best teachers! i once had a watercolor instructor who stated, ‘you should frame your worst mistakes and hang them where you see them every day— they will remind you to never do that again!’
        we learn more from hands-on experience than any textbook or classroom can teach us!

      • I like your teacher’s advice, if you can handle it. I can always laugh at my mistakes, and I happily share them with others, :). But for some people it will always be a negative reminder that will hold them back. But I like it, and I’ll personally try it out, :),

  5. Yo haría lo que la mayoría, pagar hipoteca y quedarme relajada y ayudar a toda mi familia, ¡la tranquilidad de mi familia es mi tranquilidad!, besos Marianne

  6. I love this question and have asked myself this same thing several times but have not been able to put together a list given the infinite opportunities this opens up, though, now that I’ve read the other comments, I would like MAnoliRizo pay off my home for starters…set out a regular amount for the charities close to my heart as free penny press mentioned…and I’m just getting started…the sky’s the limit!

  7. Hi Marianne I’d write the book i’ve always wanted to write.

  8. Paint ~ great question.

  9. I would take singing lessons… I would study fashion design…I would travel the world to visit all my friends… just few things that I can think now 🙂

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