Sometimes it is good to ask ourselves three things before we speak.
Must this be said?
Must it be said by me?
Must it be said by me right now?





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8 responses to “Talking

  1. I have always been a person who thinks before she speaks however… now, age, mistakes and an extremely prudent husband have made my also think about the timing of my words and opinions; plus the fact that not everyone is open to or will understand what we say, so sometimes my being silent has been more beneficial than speaking up…May I share this advice with my high school students? I think it would be something they are not used to doing 🙂 read you soon Marianne, hugs Alexandra

    • Alexandra, of course you can share it with your high school students! Timing is very important when it comes to communication… Have a nice Monday! 🙂 //Marianne

  2. My impetuous personality has caused me a few problems, but on the other hand, people cannot agree on everything all the time and if people fear to speak openly is not a healthy society.

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