Price tag

Do you know what you are worth? The majority of people tend to underestimate their skills, and talents due to low self-esteem. The truth is that no one else has your unique combination of skills, talents, knowledge and experience. What are you worth? //Marianne





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10 responses to “Price tag

  1. If I were alone on a deserted island I don’t think I’d have an idea of my “worth” but thanks to my children’s contant yells for MOM and my husband’s multiple phone calls a day plus the fact that my place at school as the writing teacher was still reserved for me even after my two year absence, well that gives me a good idea of my worth based on my contributions to each one which is good , though I know that that should only count for part of it the rest is dictated by my inner voice, which whispers to me that my hubby got a good deal, jijiji…big hug Marianne, 🙂 Alexandra (did you see that?, I followed your advice about ATTITUDE)

  2. My self-worth seems to follow my ego around so, I’ll negotiate a different deal at any time of the day. I’m open for bids. 🙂

    • Very funny, :). Maybe you should send your ego on an extended holiday, like Siberia…

      • Never thought of a Siberian Holiday but, yes, why not? I think I can adapt to the weather as I once lived in the Las Vegas desert. My wife says, I didn’t live there but, rather slithered there. 🙂

  3. free penny press

    I would like to say I’m “priceless” but then i see these chinks in the armor and no I am not .. I do think though I’m a pretty good person to have in your circle 🙂

  4. Recently in a meeting, we were discussing writing fees and salaries. One of my colleagues said, “Never put yourself on sale. Don’t give it away.” I very much liked that thought.

  5. I have nominated your blog for the new Reality Blog Award! Congratulations! This is a “no rules Award”, you can find the details here:

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