Bad luck

Last night someone stole my credit card just hours after I had arrived in Hong Kong. Luckily I discovered it quickly and I could cancel the card. I have always thought if this happened to me I would be very upset, but I am not. Stealing is wrong, and every time someone copies one of my blog posts, or one of my articles without giving me credit I get furious. But I just cannot get upset over my credit card even though it does give me a lot of problems, more than I could imagine. I guess I think it is worse when someone steal my ideas, and my creative work. But worst of all is any kind of violence, at least in my world. The credit card is just bad luck, nothing else.  //Marianne

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27 responses to “Bad luck

  1. Stealing a credit card is something to worry about, because with that they can steal your identity and then your day will be ruined for sure. I hope the incident will not bring you much difficulties.

  2. Sorry to hear about your credit card theft, Marianne.
    I would consider creative work theft quite an intrusion too. Do you ask those who have stolen your work to remove said pieces from their sites?

  3. Hopefully, you have recovered more than the card, and by, that, I mean some assurances that they did not wreak havoc with other vital areas of your identity.
    Please check with all financial, health, and government institutions where your identity could be infringed upon.
    Little do the perpetrators understand, they will have to live by, their deed. Karma is sculpted by, the deed.

  4. that’s not nice! Credit card or blog??? I don’t have a credit and if you are that desperate you can have my blog ideas. Maybe you could do them better?

    • Beverley, I am not sure you would “survive” in Sweden without a credit card. More and more shops no longer accept cash, only credit cards :). I am not desperate for blog ideas, just the opposite. What I get frustrated about is that people pass of my blog posts as their own, the same goes for some of my articles. The articles are only being published in Sweden, in Swedish. I don’t mind people copy my work if they give me credit. Your blog posts are great just the way they are. Well written, interesting and full of insight, :).

      • I am a cash onlty person it is easier for me that way. I always try and give credit where it is due but sometimes i forget where i read it – crazy brain. Glad you enjoy what i write.

  5. i am so sorry that this person tainted your first day there; hopefully the rest of your trip will go well. i am proud and not surprised at all at your attitude – you did all that you could and are approaching this through your intelligence and not through an emotional reaction.

    may you have sweet surprises when you least expect them for the rest of your journey.


  6. And you had just started your trip. That’s good you were able to claim it stolen quickly and hopefully you had a back up. May the rest of the trip go smoothly.

  7. The Gang of Five is anxious to defend your honor, catch the thief, and do battle against the dark forces who poach your blog posts… they are on the case and we should be able to report success on all fronts soon…Susie and I are praying for you…hang in there…help is on the way…we love you.

    Be encouraged!

  8. free penny press

    Oh, I don’t like this post. Thieves irritate me to no end. They violate our space and take what is not rightfully theirs. I’m sorry you have been a victim twice..Like Stephen said, we all defend your words here and dare someone to steal them..

    • Thieves irritate me too, at the moment I am more surprised my credit card has not been stolen before considering how much I travel. “Work thieves!” I’ve had problems with for years that really annoys me…

  9. My goodness Marianne, only a balanced and positive person like yourself could continue the journey, I have no idea how I would have reacted…take good care of yourself, big hug, Alexandra

  10. Bless your heart, I hope you stay safe. What is wrong with people these days – it’s nice to know you have a quick option to cancel before real damage can occur.

  11. Desde luego que mala suerte! sobre todo por como dices la de problemas que ocasiona, ¡menos mal que te diste cuenta!

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