Missed opportunity

On my way to breakfast yesterday I walked past a door that was beautifully decorated. It made me curios so I took up my camera and suddenly the door opened. Behind the door was a bride to be and her bridesmaids. They were waiting for the groom to come and get her. I talked to one of the bridesmaids for a while and then went on my way. 3 espressos later, now wide-awake I realised that I had missed a fantastic opportunity. If I had not suffered from sleep deprivation I would have asked if I could come inside for a short interview. And waited for the groom and his
posse together with them. I could easily have turned that into an article of 2 500 words and 2-3 photos. Maybe even asked for a new interview in 6 months time. Instead I just walked away, and missed a fantastic opportunity. Will I ever get this chance again? Probably not. As soon as I realized my mistake I tried to find them but they were long gone. Instead I found another groom, dressed in a pink tuxedo surrounded by his groomsmen. He looked very nervous, and he didn’t want to talk or to be in a picture. I respect that, and I started to think about culture differences instead. No Swedish man would even be caught dead in a pink tuxedo. Thankfully men from other parts of the world are a bit braver. I normally keep my mind open for unsuspected opportunities, and I seldom regret my choices. But this is a missed chance that is hard to swallow. My lesson; sleep more hours every night, starting now. The words on the door: beautiful words of love, harmony, prosperity, good health and good luck. Important words to live by even if you are not getting married. //Marianne

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12 responses to “Missed opportunity

  1. free penny press

    We do have to stay alert because sometimes the opportunity only comes along once. Something tells me that would have been a fascinating interview 🙂

  2. When in graduate school our instructor and mentor said:
    “You create your own opportunities.”

  3. Marianne, wether or not you missed the opportunity, it was still a good experience and a good lesson. No Italian men would have be caught in a pink tuxedo either, but some older generation of Americans might. Different latitude, different attitude. On the sleeping note, I should know something about. I am sleeping so good now and without medications, only my free will. Sleep will drive our days to success, or to the trash.

    • It was an extremely good experience. Sleep is so important, and my problem is that I forget to go to sleep, seriously, :). And it doesn’t help that I set the alarm at night as a reminder, I just turn it off. I’ve to come up with something else…

      • I am in the same boat. I think the night is magical and because there is silent and the silvery color of the moon comes through the windows, I can produce by best creative work, but it has taken a toll now.

      • Your comment makes me smile, as I am the same but it’s no good that neither of us gets enough sleep, :(.

      • I have fixed my problem. I have been going through two months of acupuncture once a week. I don’t take any medications whatsoever, I refuse, therefore acupuncture works for me. I have finished my sessions and I am sleeping hard, really hard. Valentina is happy, happy.

      • Valentina, this is great news! 🙂

  4. There is another possibility…maybe you weren’t meant to interview them for some reason. Maybe they would have said ‘no’ or maybe being interviewed in the middle of their wedding day would have been too much. Who knows but another opportunity will come along and you will be ready. xxxLeanne

    • I think they would have said yes, but there is of course no guarantee. It can take a long time before you find the right people to interview, especially in another country. I almost got it handed to me on a silverplatter, :). I’ll not make the same mistake twice…

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