Think of a belief you have about yourself that you wish you didn’t have, because it limits you in some way, or has undesirable consequences. What do you need to do to change this belief, and are you prepared to change it? //Marianne

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9 responses to “Limitation

  1. Trying.
    Thank you, Marianne.

  2. Yes Marianne, it requires the will to do whatever is needed… Not so easy…! 😉

  3. Mine is that when I get on a plane I’ll get anxiety and I usually do !!! 🙂

  4. PS I pushed before I was finished…i see the connection and it’s no surprise it happens because Im so sure it will. I see it’s illogical but can’t seem to help thinking it. I have improved 1000% but it still lingers on in this context.

  5. free penny press

    Yes, there are a few things that I have decided I can and will change so I can move forward and live happier!

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