Do you work to live or live to work? // Marianne



17 responses to “Work

  1. It would be work to live

  2. I work. I live. Two separate entities. And staying within your context, I would say live to work to live as a simultaneous action. Working is part of life as life is work in progress.

    • Dave, I hear you and I agree. Unfortunately, I meet too many people who live to work, and that is all they do because they don’t know how to live. While others are able to both work and to enjoy life, :).

  3. Definitely only work to live… is far too important to be just ‘worked’.

  4. Neither…I have integrated my life so my work is my life…to change the world into a better place…life and work are seamless…

    Be encouraged!

  5. What he said (stephenedwards425) …I should have known. 🙂 ~Paul

  6. Today, it is work to live. But for a long time I lived to work and can say that it sucked the life right out of me – didn’t even realize what was happening.

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