What makes you laugh, and how many times a day are you laughing? // Marianne


12 responses to “Laughing

  1. Many times and mostly about myself!

  2. just returned home after two weeks of travel through ecuador with friends. i usually laugh a lot each day, but we laughed a LOT as my travel agent friend sampled my ‘seat of the pants’ mode of travel. z

    • “Seat of the pants” mode? Tell me more, :). Here in Fiji people laugh all the time, it’s amazing how friendly they are. I talk, and laugh all the time…

      • ‘seat of the pants’travel’ is having no itinerary and making last-minute calls.. like you reach an intersection in the highway and say, ‘left goes to ‘Banos’ and right goes to Guaranda… which first? and we go to Banos.. We arrived in Banos, and Hank stayed with the car while Marie and I went into a hotel… “do you have availability?… how much per person?… internet?… hot water?…

        we went to many hotels in guaranda before we found one that was clean! the first one was ‘seedy’ and had shared bathroom.. Marie looked like she would rather sleep in the car than sleep there! we ended up in a great place, but it took all of us spreading out on foot to find it!

        It’s a great way not to get stressed out that you have a reservation pending but you would rather delay for a few days elsewhere.. and it helps to find the right place and not one that will do because you booked it in advance with no idea if it would be in a good part of town or beside a karaoke bar or….

        it was a great experience!

      • Lisa, now I get it and yes it’s a great way to travel, :). But not for everyone, I’ve friends that I love dearly but everything must be organized from the start, otherwise they will worry. I bet you’re the perfect travel companion, :).

      • i teach people to adapt, and to laugh about the missed turns or ratty hotels.. it’s those experiences we remember most, because during those times we are ALIVE and not existing!


      • Lisa, I totally agree with you, :).

  3. Once I was in a relationship with a guy who was so funny and would make me laugh even in my sleep. He took everything jokingly. At time his laughing and joking was really distressing, as not everything in life needs to be taken as a joke. I ended up leaving him and all his funny stuff. Today, I am wishing to find someone who would make me laugh and I can’t find that person any more.

    • Valentina, I hope you will find the person you’re looking for. Funny people are very attractive, especially the ones that are capable of being serious as well, :).

  4. I am not losing hopes, Marianne. ☺

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