What are your strengths’? // Marianne


4 responses to “Strength

  1. I have a strong emotional backbone, and few things scare me.
    I awaken with a smile in my heart most every day.
    I have the gift of empathy and rarely judge others.
    I am multi talented to the point that it’s almost a curse – which ball do i drop and which do i focus on each day?
    I am a good listener.

    • Lisa, congratulation to knowing your strengths so well! Excellent strengths by the way, :). How do you decide what you want to focus on each day, do you flip a coin?

      • Approaching a serious painting, for me, involves a bit of strange psyche. I get all ‘tasks’ out of the way first, so that might take two hours or two days or two weeks! When I begin, there is nothing to distract me, to pull me out of my focus, like, ‘Oh, I forgot to water that thirsty flower bed,” or “I need to wash the cottons and get them outside to dry,” or finish writing a post (!) or go shopping/stock the kitchen, cook a few things, etc etc.

        I always discipline myself to eating every few hours to keep my blood sugar level, which eliminates any shaking/trembling of the hand/arm. my pulse is 60-something, and i have never taken it while painting; i’ll do that soon and see how much lower it drops – if it drops!

        If I am painting a large piece, I love prepping the panels, it also preps me, a bit like athletes warming up before the game. Rolling the white paint on the panel is quite zenlike, and then I am more like the thoroughbred at the starting gate. I’m chomping at the bit to sit down and start creating. At that point I resent any intrusions, the temperamental artist steps forward and seizes control!
        I often work on two pieces at once, so while one area of paint is drying, I can work on the other.

        This morning I am about to walk to town and buy supplies, and when I return home, my slate will be cleared. Two paintings are in progress, and I look forward to resuming work! (A post is in progress as well, but it’s a complicated one and will incubate for a while!)

        Thanks amiga,

  2. Lisa, I’ve said it before and I am going to say another 1 000 times – you’re such an inspiration! I need to be more like you, actually I need to find a new place to work from. To many distractions here, and I am weak… :).

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