How badly do you want to reach your goals, badly enough to do almost anything to reach them? // Marianne


16 responses to “Wanting

  1. hmmm. that’s one i don’t usually ponder. i can’t say that i’m that driven – to do ‘ almost anything’ to reach my goals. it’s usually easy for me to stay on track, but i am not one to bulldoze my way through in order to get what i want. i hope there will be more feedback from other readers on this one, and i look forward to your feedback as well! z

    • Being successful takes a lot of work, and if you want to succeed you’ve to be prepared to let go of something. For example, if you want to be a top lawyer you would probably have to work at least 60 hours a week. You’ll not be able to see your family, and friends as much as you would like. If you want to write a book, you might need to work less, otherwise you’ll never find the hours to actually write. You might not be able to go on a holiday, eat at restaurants, buy new clothes etc. Some people will literally walk through fire to reach their goals, and have no problem hurting people on their way. Personally I think that’s a terrible behaviour, and I don’t understand how they can enjoy their success.

      I’ve personally given up a few things to reach my goals. Some days I think it’s worth it, other days I don’t… It’s always important that we check with our loved ones before we start working long hours, or take a pay cut etc, as they also get affected by our decisions. Ps, what it means to be successful is up to each person. //Marianne

      • “It’s always important that we check with our loved ones..’
        what great advice! so many successful people did not consult their families, and when bruised feelings came along, well, the family always came last. tis sad to see success arrive at the expense of the ones who are always there for that person.

        someone ‘gave me a hard time’ this past week that i am always working/painting/gardening/writing/something! but i love all that i do, and i clock out and interact with society, but i like/love what i do with each day! many people in the tropics are here because they are retired, and i say to them, ‘ i am not retired and i am not on vacation!’ they think that artists can work whenever the want and can also play whenever they want, and it doesn’t work that way for me!

        thanks, amiga!


      • Thanks for the feedback! I get similar comments, and it makes me so tired. Every time I go abroad people think I am on a holiday, they don’t want to believe that I work. I can’t really be bothered explaining any more… It’s almost 11 pm and I am still working, and getting grumpy because I am tired… :).

      • i try to remind myself how lucky i am that i listen to my own voice, which is now a strong one. it still bothers me, however, when intelligent people ‘just don’t get it’ but it doesn’t make me question my choices.
        if no one else tells you (and i am sure that they do) i am proud of you, of your work, and how you devote a large slice of your time to helping others via this site. thanks amiga!

      • Lisa, your words touch me very deeply! You’re such a positive human being, full of kindness and inspiration. Amiga, I am very lucky to have meet you! 🙂

      • hey
        i’m glad you mentioned something about the slow WP for writing a new post. i don’t like the upload option at all. had you not have mentioned being frustrated, i would have thought my problems were due to slow connection.


      • I’ve a great connection… :).

  2. I posted this in one of my earlier blog entries. You probably didn’t see it.
    I remembered it again as you are traveling around the world. 🙂

  3. I’m a pretty focused and “stay on track” kind of person. To do almost anything feels like it could cross the line in some cases, not my style. But, if it’s tenacity and determination then that’s closer to who I am. Good question –

    • For me it’s tenacity and determination as well, but also giving up a few other things in life. Like lazy Sundays… but I am thinking about bringing them back into my life again, :).

  4. That’s what it takes, Marianne..!

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