Research from the U.S. shows that 90% of all sick leave is caused by stress. The following 11 tips will help you create your “perfect” balance in life. Start small and build it up until they are a part of your every day routine.

  1. Give yourself time to rest and recover every day.
  2. Work on your self-esteem as it is the foundation to perform and feel good.
  3. Spend time with the right people; people who support you and who inspires you.
  4. Stop comparing yourself with others as it has a tendency to make us unhappy, and drain our energy. Instead you should only compare your results with yourself.
  5. Dare to say no both at work and privately, it is ok to not always be available.
  6. Switch off your mobile for a while every day.
  7. Get enough sleep every night.
  8. Exercise every day.
  9. Be grateful for what you have.
  10. Set goals.
  11. Enjoy your life.
    // Marianne

 © 2012 Marianne365days – Change Your Life One Day At The Time – All Rights Reserved


12 responses to “Balance

  1. Be grateful for what you have – when money is slow in arriving i remind myself that i am not homeless or without warmth or food and although i need money i don’t need right in this moment.

  2. Seems like common sense, but I often forget at least some of these. Thanks for the reminder!

  3. 3 and 4… I had really felt bad when I realized the importance of 3 in my life but I am slowly accepting it, not everyone feeds my soul and I’m not everyone’s cup of tea and that’s OK…and #4, whew! That’s a toughy but you are right it is a real energy drainer and I can’t afford that!

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