Yes, you can

If you can feel all the negatives, you can certainly feel all the positives. Set a timer on 30 minutes and write down 3 positive things about yourself. Did you succeed within the timeframe? How long did it take? Set the timer once again on 30 minutes but this time I want you to write down 3 negative things about yourself. How long did it take this time? Was it easier, harder or more or less the same? //Marianne


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8 responses to “Yes, you can

  1. Because I practice your first request often, i had about a dozen answers in the first second after i read your post! Whenever life presents me with a disappointment, I try to remind myself of all of the things I have to be thankful for.
    It took me much longer to ponder my negative traits, as I tend to side-step around hurdles or leap over them or crawl through them in order to get to a better place. i don’t dwell on them.
    of course those were not traits that i had long ago; there were many lessons in life that guided me to a better place!

    • Lisa, thank you for being open minded and willing to share your lessons in life with the rest of the world. I am sure there are plenty of people who will be inspired by your comment, :).

  2. ps.. i love that photo! it would be great to have a closeup of those happy faces!

  3. Great exercise ~ I haven’t forgot your question.

  4. Positive and negative … it took me only a minute for both.

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