Whose life?

Have you ever felt like you are living someone else’s life? Most of us do at one time or another, and for a short while it is ok, but in the long run it will drain us of our energy. It is important to remember that your life belong to you, no one else own it. It is also important to remember that you deserve to live your life on your terms even if you are a parent, and in a relationship. By living an authentic life and creating your life purpose you automatically become a positive role model for your children and everybody around you. Your self-esteem will improve, you will enjoy solving any problem you are facing and you will be happier and more grateful with what you have. Whose life are you living, yours or someone else’s life? //Marianne


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4 responses to “Whose life?

  1. Been there, done that 😦 but now, after having realized how time flies and there’s no turning back the clock I slowly started taking back my life, figuring out what I wanted from myself and for myself, so yes, I am NOW living my life. Thank you Marianne, Alexandra

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