Be right or feel good?

It is important to check our attitudes regarding how we interpret reality. Whilst optimists look for opportunities in every situation, pessimists choose to believe the worst-case scenario every time. They use negative goal images to verify their viewpoint and often accept defeat in advance both for themselves and for others. It is very important to have positive goal images in life that help, not hinder. Negative images make life harder and do a lot of damage. Pessimists consider themselves to be realists and would rather be right than happy and content. What are you going to choose? Are you going to look for opportunities or focus on everything that can go wrong all the time? //Marianne


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6 responses to “Be right or feel good?

  1. An ‘Occupational Hazard’ of being human to automatically see the negative, yet with practice and a desire to overcome our own contributions to negativity with self awareness, we can achieve so many positive outcomes and blessings.. 🙂

  2. Sometimes, the habit of looking at the immediate negative is, automatic. It’s what I do to change it immediately after the realization of exercising the habit that, counts.

  3. I choose optimism! (I’ve often noticed how many pessimists claim they “don’t have a choice”.)

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